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Last Week in Tech: Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Super Smash Bros., and Jeopardy! is finally streaming

Winter and fall are great times for gadget nerds like us. It’s crummy enough outside that we can stay in and play with gadgets guilt-free. It’s also when manufacturers typically make their big announcements. But this week, Samsung showed off a bunch of new stuff, the latest version of Android …

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Amazon Prime shock: Tech giant may have to get rid of signature next-day delivery promise

Amazon Prime is a subscription model offered by the Seattle-based company that insists customers will receive “next-day delivery” in addition to content offered on its video platform. Amazon Prime Video is the company’s streaming service designed to rival the likes of Netflix. Meanwhile, Amazon Music challenges Spotify and Apple Music …

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Def Con Hackers Easily Bust Into Voting Machines, But Will Tech Companies Listen?

Hackers in Def Con’s “voting village” managed to swap out software, wrest control of tabulation and manipulate the behavior of voting machines that will likely be used in midterm elections. Their efforts put at least one major company on the defensive, reported The Wall Street Journal. The voting machines were put to …

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From Nazis To Incels: How One Tech Company Helps Hate Groups Thrive

By all standards, the forum is a hate group. Littered through well over 1 million messages is a cascade of posts calling for women to be raped, decapitated, stabbed, starved, poisoned, skinned, cannibalized, blinded, mutilated, sodomized, tortured, beaten, burned, enslaved and otherwise brutally killed, simply because they are women. …

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Last week in tech: Everything you missed while you were neck-deep in Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con happened last week, which introduced a glut of new sci-fi and fantasy news and content to absorb. But, while you were watching—and then subsequently arguing about—that new Aquaman trailer online, the tech world continued its march onward. Here’s a recap of everything you may have missed. Download …

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