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Seth Meyers Spends 3 Glorious Minutes Taunting Donald Trump Over His ‘Space Force’

The comedian said it was no wonder that Trump “wants us all to focus on something else,” given the multiple scandals dogging his administration. Meyers then spent almost three glorious minutes demolishing Trump’s planned intergalactic branch of the American military. Trump’s hyping of the force was like “a carnival barker …

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This Is What California’s Largest Wildfire Looks Like From Space

Photos released by satellite imaging company DigitalGlobe on Wednesday give a birds-eye view of the deadly wildfires currently burning in California. Below you’ll see true color images, alongside images captured with DigitalGlobe’s SWIR or short-wave infrared technology, which shows the damage from the fires in higher detail. The red areas …

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NASA Announces New Crew For The Return Of Space Flights From American Soil

America, meet your new astronauts. After a nearly decadelong hiatus, NASA plans to once again start launching piloted spacecraft from American soil, this time aboard two commercially developed vehicles, beginning in early to mid-2019. On Friday, the space agency introduced the nine-member team tasked with making the first flights. The …

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Space news: Science research shows Andromeda ate Milky Way Galaxy sibling | Science | News

Andromeda and the Milky Way are the two largest members of the Local Group. The Local Group is a collection of more than 50 galaxies packed into a dumbbell-shaped region about 10 million light-years across. But Andromeda devoured the third-biggest member of the family around 2billion years ago. Professor of …

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