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Nasa launch LIFT OFF: Watch as Solar Parker Probe blasts off for sun mission | Science | News

The Parker Solar Probe took off this morning from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida after NASA was forced to postpone the launch on August 11. The spellbinding footage shows Parker’s engines ignite propelling the probe towards the sun to start its seven-year-long mission to explore the Sun. Parker can …

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NASA Parker Solar Probe launch CANCELLED after alarm heard – reason why explained | Science | News

In the final moments before the historic launch, a gaseous helium pressure alarm was raised on the spacecraft causing this morning’s launched to be cancelled. The launch window for today was already close to expiring and there was not enough time to evaluate the problem. Mic Woltman from the NASA …

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Yellowstone supervolcano could be used for POWER – but activists WARN Nasa against plan | Science | News

Yellowstone, mostly located in Wyoming state in America, is fed by a massive magma chamber which can contain enough power to cause a catastrophic eruption. It could also be a new energy source according to a 2017 thought experiment by NASA scientists, but experts oppose the move, which they say …

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NASA asteroid WARNING: Meteor radar to protect Earth from impact | Science | News

A study published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science has found NASA’s new Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) satellites can pick up meteors in the atmosphere. The GLM spacecraft detects so-called bolides, or meteors that brilliantly light up when they explode in the atmosphere. Some of the meteors have been …

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NASA Announces New Crew For The Return Of Space Flights From American Soil

America, meet your new astronauts. After a nearly decadelong hiatus, NASA plans to once again start launching piloted spacecraft from American soil, this time aboard two commercially developed vehicles, beginning in early to mid-2019. On Friday, the space agency introduced the nine-member team tasked with making the first flights. The …

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