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Life on ‘Earth’s cousin’? Planet 1,400 light years away ‘really could harbour life’ | Science | News

Nicknamed ‘Earth’s cousin’ it gets just the right amount of light from its sun for the chemical building blocks of life to develop, according to new research. The breakthrough improves the chances of astronomers eventually discovering extra-terrestrials. Known as Kepler-452b it’s the smallest world discovered orbiting in the habitable zone …

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Space news: Life on Mars? BEST place to look for Martian life found by experts | Science | News

The “ghost dunes” are hundreds of crescent-shaped depression on the surface of Mars, which once used to be sand dunes the size of Big Ben’s Elizabeth Tower in Westminster. The average dune likely stood roughly between 130 feet and 246 feet tall. The ancient formations remained preserved due to their …

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Nasa’s hunt for alien life must start HERE: Scientist says DON’T search Europa | Science | News

Europa, one of at least 69 moons orbiting Jupiter, is widely regarded as the best candidate for finding living organisms outside of our own planet, largely because it almost certainly has a huge sub-surface ocean. The space agency is sufficiently convinced it is planning two multi-billion dollar missions to explore …

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South Korea vs Germany live stream: How to watch World Cup 2018 live online in 4K Ultra HD | Tech | Life & Style

Joachim Löw’s side currently sit below Mexico in the Group F standings but could leapfrog to first place if they secure a victory today with a great enough goal difference. But South Korea can only qualify for the next round if they secure a victory today and group rival Sweden …

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Apple iOS 12 public beta available NOW – How to download this major update to your iPhone | Tech | Life & Style

Apple announced its iOS 12 software update earlier this month with an official release of the blockbuster software expected in the autumn. However, Apple users who want to give all the features a try can now get access to the public beta. This test software is available right now and …

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WhatsApp web – tablet and desktop – How to create an account and use messenger on your PC | Tech | Life & Style

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger services right now, with millions of users sending messages across the country every day.  WhatsApp is available as an app on your phone, on both iOS and Android. But WhatsApp is also now available to download and use on the internet, meaning you can …

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