Thursday , August 16 2018
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Atmosphere MYSTERY: Researchers BAFFLED by strange clouds in the mesosphere | Science | News

Scientists have been scratching their heads over late blossoming cloud formations which were seen in the mesosphere – the region in the Earth’s atmosphere between 50 and 80 kilometres above the surface, almost touching space. The strange thing is not that there has been noctilucent clouds (NLCs) – clouds formed …

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Black hole discovery: Massive black hole 3.5 million times heaver than Sun found | Science | News

The black hole, similar to the one in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, was spotted in the elliptical dwarf galaxy 62 million light-years away. The “supermassive” tear in space was observed through a collaborative effort by scientists from the US, Europe, Australia and Chile. The black hole was …

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Artificial human: Laboratory 3D-prints placenta in bizarre experiment | Science | News

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have fused a lab-made placenta-like membrane to a chip in a world first experiment. The placenta is an incredibly complex and important membrane found between a mother and her unborn child. The placenta protects the infant by filtering out harmful substances while allowing …

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Yellowstone volcano gas WARNING: USGS warns of poisonous gas in National Park | Science | News

Yellowstone National Park is home to thousands of hot springs and geysers spewing clouds of mostly harmless, rotten-smelling gases. But in the deeper parts of the Yellowstone wilderness where tourists are told not to stray, toxic fumes of lethal gas are powerful enough to kill. USGS scientists studying the Yellowstone …

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Meteor shower 2018: Full list of meteor showers to watch before year ends | Science | News

The annual Perseid shower erupted in intensity this weekend when the meteors peaked between Sunday, August 12, and Monday, August 13. The meteor shower is known for its dazzling fireballs, long bright meteor trails and high number of hourly shooting stars. Stargazers who caught a glimpse of the shower said …

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