Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Alien news: Life on other planets breakthrough as astronauts land rover on asteroid | Science | News

A spacecraft has landed two rovers on a near-earth asteroid which is intended to unlock the mysteries of the origins of the solar system. The rover has sent back some spectacular photos from the Minerva-II rover-1A which landed on the Ryugu asteroid. The asteroid, which was discovered in 1999, is …

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Earthquake 2018: What is an earthquake and what is the source of an earthquake called? | Science | News

The deadliest earthquake to hit this year so far was the 6.9 magnitude quake which struck Lombok, Indonesia, on August 5 killing more than 500 people. A series of powerful aftershocks saw the total death toll later rise to 513. People have been living with earthquakes and their devastating effects …

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iPhone XS camera review: Complicated tech for simpler photography

Learning the art of photography has always involved at least a little math. Whether it’s the relatively straightforward calculations involved with figuring out your exposure settings or the nearly inscrutable jumble of numbers required to navigate the settings on an old school flash, there were always numbers behind the process. …

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macOS Mojave release TODAY – All new features available on your MacBook and iMac

Apple’s macOS Mojave update will arrive tomorrow (Image: APPLE) 6PM UPDATE: Apple has just released its Mojave upgrade. Apple announced its new macOS Mojave upgrade back in June at its WWDC Developers Conference and this blockbuster update has just been pushed out to Macs across the world today. There’s a swathe …

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